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Explore years of worldwide news articles that featured our innovative research and product designs. 


Diversified Technologies Introduces Solid-State Drop-In Thyratron Replacement for Legacy Klystrons, December 20, 2017

Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) processing of fruit and vegetables, International Journal for Fruit Processing, Juice and Soft Drinks Producing Industry, September 2017

PowerMod Solid-State MVDC Circuit Breaker,, September 2017

Diversified Technologies' New PowerMod™ Solid-State DC Circuit Breaker Assures Safe MVDC Power Systems Operation, www.prweb, Online Visibility from Vocus, September 2017

Diversified Technologies: High-Voltage Pulse Modulator, U.S. Tech, June 2017

High Voltage Pulse Modulators,, June 2017

High-Voltage Pulse Modulators, June 2017


DTI Releases High-Voltage Power Supply, U.S. Tech December 2016

Diversified Technologies' Algae Predator Control System Employs PEF Processing Instead of Chemicals,, November 2016

High-Voltage power supply Features 250 kW Output with more than 92% efficiency, Design World, November 2016

Power Supply Outputs 250 kW at > 92% Efficiency, Electronic Design, November 2016

Switching Mode Power Supplies, Photonics Media, November 2016

Diversified Technologies' PEF Drying and Extraction System Produces Higher Yields with Less Energy,, May 2016


Diversified Technologies Transportable Radar Upgrade Replaces Obsolete Parts with Solid-State., February 2016

High Voltage Pulse Modulator, Products Design and Development, January-February 2016


High-Voltage Pulse Modulator Delivers 99% Efficiency and Full Self-Protection
, November 2015

Compact, High Volt Power Supply, Material Research Society, May 2015


Subsea Electric Power Converter Eliminates Miles of Hydraulic Cables, Electrical Line Magazine, October 2014


SOUTHERN DIVERSIFIED TECHNOLOGIES Introduces Additional Wireless Service Capabilities in DAS and Small Cell Deployments, July 2013

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