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Diversified Technologies, Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets the patented PowerMod™ line of high-voltage, solid-state, pulsed power modulators and switching power supplies. DTI's PowerMod technology is the recipient of prestigious local and national awards, and is recognized as a true breakthrough in high-voltage electronic design. The company has shipped hundreds of systems to customers in the U.S. Departments of Energy and Defense, leading universities, and private sector companies for a range of applications including semiconductor fabrication, food processing, high energy physics research, medical electronics, and radar.

Founded in 1987 by graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, DTI's core expertise is in the application of solid state devices, such as IGBTs and FETs, to high power, high voltage opening and closing switches. PowerMod™ technology links these devices in series and parallel, and ensures that the load is shared equally so that no single device experiences harmful or destructive voltages.

DTI's systems produce the nearly ideal "flat-top" pulses critical to the performance of many pulsed power applications. Fast rise times and fall times, and unlimited pulse width flexibility make the company's systems easily adaptable to a variety of requirements. DTI switches are replacing tube-based crowbars in accelerators, and driving klystrons, gyrotrons, magnetrons and TWTs in high power RF systems; and also eliminating thyratrons and PFNs in pulsed power applications.

DTI is headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts, in the heart of the Route 95/128 high-technology corridor. Company headquarters include 33,000 square feet of prime office, lab, and manufacturing space, which house engineering, sales and marketing, and support functions. The company sells its products worldwide, and is represented by local distributors in selected overseas markets.

MEDIA MENTIONS:, February 11, 2019. Diversified Technologies, Inc. New Radar Transmitter Upgrade Kit Replaces Obsolete Parts with a High Relability System., November 7, 2018, Funded by a USDA NIFA SBIR, Diversified Technologies, Inc. (DTI) has installed a PEF (Pulsed Electric Field) predator control system for algae at AzCATI to facilitate process development and trials for those involved with algal and predator control applications.

US TECH, July 26, 2018, DTI Intros Solid-State Pulse Modulator



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