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Student Internships

This is what previous summer interns have to say...


"I definitely had a great experience, and I learned a lot more than I thought I would. I haven't heard of many people who were able to be hands-on in projects or work on important things like writing material for proposals in their internships. I also really appreciated that whenever I had questions I did feel like I could ask them, and people gave me lots of books and reference materials to borrow so that when I read proposals or started working on a new project I didn't often feel lost, as I very easily could have..."

Image by Jeswin Thomas

"Overall I think the small-company atmosphere contributed greatly to my internship experience. I really enjoyed spending time on the floor both building and testing rigs, as well as sitting in the office brainstorming ideas and working on proposals. Had I been at a larger company, I don't think I would have seen as many aspects of the engineering design process that occurs daily. I'm grateful for the exposure and am sure it will help me as I begin my capstone project this semester and in any jobs I may take in the future.."

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