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Diversified Technologies, Inc. Upgrades the Air Force Cobra Dane Missile-Defense Radar System

Diversified Technologies, Inc. (DTI) developer of PowerMod™ high voltage, high power pulse modulators, DC power supplies, and process control systems has delivered the first of 12 transmitters to the Air Force to upgrade Cobra Dane Missile-Defense Radar Systems. Cobra Dane is a ground-based, L-band, phased-array radar that provides midcourse coverage for the U.S. Strategic Command’s Ballistic Missile Defense System.                                        


June 2022/

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Diversified Technologies (DTI) Introduces X-Band TWT Radar Transmitter that Combines Precision, Reliability & Speed

Diversified Technologies, Inc. has introduced a new all solid state X-band transmitter that uses a CPI high power broad-band TWT integrated with a dish antenna in a compact package.                   


March 2022/

X-Ray Inspection Systems

Diversified Technologies' new Switching Mode Power Supplies are Ideal for Homeland Security X-Ray Inspection Systems

A series of compact, fully integrated high voltage switching mode power supplies that can be located at the point-of-load, making them ideal for large X-Ray inspection- and radar systems has been introduced by Diversified Technologies, Inc. (DTI).                


January 2022/

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Diversified Technologies' PowerMod™ Solid-State Short Pulse Klystron Modulator Provides High Power Fidelity and Stability

A new, all solid-state high power pulse modulator that features very flat top klystron pulses for precision accelerator applications has been intro-duced by Diversified Technologies, Inc. (DTI).              


November, 2021