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Power Conversion

DTI's universal high frequency power converter architecture can be used for a wide range of applications requiring AC-to-DC and DC-to-DC power conversion. The higher control bandwidth provided by high frequency switching allows the output power to be highly regulated into nonlinear and transient loads. This technology can also be applied to variable frequency power converters, such as those needed for synchronous AC motor drives, where high reliability and low acoustic noise emission are of the utmost importance. Scaling this technology to higher voltage (tens of kV) and higher power (MWs) opens entirely new applications such as DC-to-DC converters for high voltage DC undersea networks, power conditioning systems for driving pulsed power systems, and high speed utility switching.


Below is a list of publications relating to DTI's technology in Power Conversion technology and its applications

  • Power Conversion - A two page color data sheet describing DTI's high frequency weapons power converter, and hot-swappable modular power converter system.

  • Solid-State DC Circuit Breakers - A two page color data sheet describing DTI's solid-state opening and closing switches capable of multi-kA switching at voltages up to 100 kV, have been demonstrated and qualified for military applications.

  • Undersea Medium Voltage DC (MVDC) Power Distribution System (2016)  - A five page paper describing DTI's design of a high frequency DC-to-DC converter which takes MVDC from a shore station and down converts it to 375 VDC to power low voltage electronics on the ocean floor. This paper was presented at the American Society of Naval Engineers Day. (790 kb)

  • Solid State High Frequency Power Converters (2003)  - A five page paper describing DTI's design of a compact, high frequency (60 Hz -400 Hz) solid state power conversion switch for use in several defense applications. (108 kb). This paper was presented at PES.

DCDC Power.jpg
  • Subsea MVDC Power Distribution- A two page color data sheet describing DTI's MVDC Conversion & Transmission System which allows high frequency switching directly at 10 kVDC levels, making MVDC transmission and integration onto the grid efficient and cost effective.

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