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DTI provides compact, rugged, reliable, and efficient turn-key transmitter systems and radar retrofits for a wide range of fixed and mobile radar applications. Meeting the most demanding military and commercial requirements, DTI’s solutions are fully solid-state, utilizing high performance power supplies, pulse modulators, voltage regulators, and state of the art control systems.


DTI’s PowerMod™ solid state, high voltage switches work as high power cathode modulators for a variety of vacuum electron devices (VEDs) such as TWTs, klystrons, CFAs, or magnetrons, providing sub-microsecond arc protection. The same cathode switches provide arc protection in DTI transmitters with modulating anode or grid modulators. DTI’s transmitters are inherently pulse width agile, and can open in less than a microsecond, eliminating the need for a conventional crowbar. PowerMod™ switches are ideal for retrofits, test sets, and new designs. DTI has delivered state-of-the-art systems for high power radars from VHF to W-band.

AN/SPG-60 with DTI Upgrade in Lower Cabinet

  • Radar Modernization - A two page color data sheet presenting an overview of DTI's radar modernization capabilities. 

  • Cobra Judy S-Band Radar Upgrade - A two page color data sheet describing the details of DTI's upgrade of the S-Band phased-array radar system on board the USNS Observation Island.

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