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Switch modules handle lower current applications, such as some radar transmitters. Switch modules are rated at 3-10 kV, 10-500 A.Switch modules form the basis for many DTI systems. Switch modules can be combined in series and parallel to meet specific requirements. Individual modules are rated from 1 - 15 kV, and from 10A - 6 kA.

PowerMod™ Technology

DTI’s PowerMod™ technology delivers the revolutionary advantages of solid state high power switching to demanding pulsed power and power conversion applications. DTI’s solid state switches are built from a series stack of IGBTs configured for very high voltage standoff and operated as a single switch. Highly synchronized gate drives ensure the load on the switch is shared equally between devices. The entire switch can be closed or opened in less than a microsecond, safely disconnecting the load in the event of an arc. Each switch is fully isolated from ground, and can open without damage under fault currents up to 20 kA.


Switch modules and plates are controlled with a simple magnetically-coupled loop, and are easy to operate in floating high voltage circuits. The entire switch can float at over 200 kV where required. Switches require no ancillary high voltage power and operate fully on or fully off, greatly easing high voltage management when compared to conventional floating decks.


PowerMod™ solid state switches offer nearly ideal switching behavior. Less than 1 μA of leakage current is present when the switch is open. When closed, the voltage drop across the switch is less than 0.1% of the total voltage. Switching can occur in as little as 5 ns, and pulse repetition frequencies over 300 kHz can be achieved. Pulse-widths are variable on a pulse-to-pulse basis from 5 ns to DC, and accept pulse commands via fiber optic link.

  • Compact Power Supply - A two page color data sheet describing PowerMod™ solid-state power supplies designed for high efficiencies and small footprints.


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