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Switch stack
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Pulse Electric Field

PowerMod™   Breakthrough High Power, High Availability Systems

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DTI is the developer and manufacturer of solid state power supplies, pulse modulators, and high voltage / high power equipment

DTI boasts a broad range of expertise encompassing a wide variety of fields and technologies.

Diversified Technologies, Inc. Develops Permanent Invasive Fish Barrier that Repels Asian Carp Using Pulsed Electric Fields

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Founded in 1987 by graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, DTI's core expertise is in the application of solid state devices, such as IGBTs and FETs, to high power, high voltage opening and closing switches.

DTI is an international leader in the design and manufacture of high-power electrical equipment. Our exceptional engineers and scientists collaborate to develop the world’s most powerful radar transmitters, pulsed power units for state-of-the-art processing in food, energy and wastewater, and advanced R&D for national laboratories.

Diversified Technologies, Inc. (DTI) specializes in the precision delivery of high voltage and high power for critical systems. DTI produces cutting edge power converters and transmitters to meet critical needs in defense, scientific, and commercial systems. Our 21st century solid state designs replace 20th century vacuum tubes, enabling entirely new capabilities and modernization of existing systems. DTI’s expertise in solid state, high voltage power control and electromagnetics provides the base for future innovations and applications, through our technology development efforts - in power distribution, sensors, materials, and a range of other applications.


The path to the future starts here.

Decades of Performance

• Solid State Systems

• Reliable and Fault-Tolerant Designs

• μs Load Arc Response

High Power Control


• Voltages to 500 kV

• Peak Currents to 30 kA

• Average Power to MWs

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Precision Power Delivery


• Variable Frequencies (Hz - MHz)

• Fast Switching Times (ns - μs)

• Highly Repeatable Pulses (ns - CW)

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