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DC Power Supplies

PowerMod™ high voltage power supplies offer advanced high voltage power conditioning for demanding laboratory and manufacturing applications such as radar, magnet control, magnetron heating, lasers, electron beams, and RF transmitters. High efficiency and a small footprint mean DTI power supplies can significantly reduce facility and utility costs.


DTI's standard HVPS models are rated from 50 - 250 kW, at 10 - 200 kV, and can be combined to reach higher power. Custom configurations are available for specialized requirements and applications.

Free Standing 50 kV Switching Power Supply
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Custom DTI 400 kV, 1 MW DC Power Supply
Eight 200 kW Shipboard DTI PowerMod™ Power Supplies
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PowerMod™ Compact Power Supply

Compact Power Supply 

A two page color data sheet describing PowerMod™ solid state power supplies designed for high efficiencies and small footprints.

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