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circuit breaker panel repair


Products and Applications

DTI boasts a broad range of expertise encompassing a wide variety of fields and technologies. Our employees are a dynamic team of electrical, mechanical, RF and aeronautical engineers, physicists, and systems analysts with decades of experience designing and developing multi-megawatt solid state power supplies, modulators, and advanced military systems. DTI has an amazing track record for delivering and installing hundreds of rugged, highly reliable, high precision systems for demanding applications. DTI’s modern facility includes electronics labs, machine shop, high voltage assembly and test areas, high bay fabrication and manufacturing capabilities, and sufficient power and cooling for high-power system testing. The company’s quality manufacturing and production procedures enable products built to the highest commercial and MIL-QUAL standards.

Satellite Dish

Hundreds of radar systems in operation today utilize thyratrons, spark gaps, or switch tubes for high pulse repetition frequency pulse modulation. These vacuum... 


High Energy Physics:

DTI's high power modulators and power supplies are used world wide in demanding research applications in the U.S. Department of Energy's...

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Power Conversion:
DTI's universal high frequency power converter architecture can be used for a wide range of applications requiring AC-to-DC and DC-to-DC power conversion....

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