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High Energy Physics

DTI's high power modulators and power supplies are used world wide in demanding research applications in the U.S. Department of Energy's national laboratories, leading universities, and overseas research facilities.


PowerMod™ systems are employed in RF power systems for accelerators and fusion systems, and in power conditioning and test of high power microwave tubes, such as klystrons and gyrotrons, where careful control of voltage, pulse width, and PRF, at very high power (20 MW +) and voltage (100 kV +) is required. In addition, fast-switching DTI systems can replace typical mercury ignitron crowbars by intercepting arcs before damage is done to the VED. The high voltage can be turned back on as soon as the arc clears, with nearly imperceptible interruption.


Below is a list of publications relating to DTI's technology in High Energy Physics applications.

  • Affordable, Short Pulse Marx Modulator (2015) - A three page paper describing the architecture of a 100 kV - 500 kV, 500 A, 0.2 - 5.0 µs risetime modulator based on a novel Marx bank design. Presented at the Particle Power Conference. (515 kB)

  • Pulsed High Power Amplifiers (2015) - A three page paper describing the architecture and development of two recent short pulse klystron modulators delivered by DTI to Daresbury Laboratory and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Presented at the Pacific Symposium on Pulsed Power. (635 kB)

  • Thyratron Replacement (2015) - A two page paper describing DTI's efforts to design a form-fit-function replacement for the klystron modulator thyratrons at the Standford Linear Accelerator Center using solid-state transistors. Presented at the Pacific Symposium on Pulsed Power. (385 kB)

  • Solid-State Long Pulse Marx Modulator (2012) - A three page paper, presented at the International Pulse Modulator High Voltage Conference, describing the implementation of the Marx topology to produce a long pulse modulator intended to be used as a test platform for International Linear Collider class klystrons. (579 kB)


  • Solid-State Tetrode Test Stand (2009) -  A three page paper describing a 500 kW DC test stand developed by DTI and installed at Burle Industries, Lancaster, PA. The test stand is used to evaluate tetrodes for the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory's (UK) ISIS system. (139 kB) 

  • Marx Band Technology for Accelerators and Colliders (2008)- A Four page paper describing DTI's work in developing long-pulse and short-pulse solid-state modulators suitable for a wide range of high energy applications. This paper was presented at the European Pulsed Power Conference. (100 kb)

  • A Solid-State 2 MW Klystron Power Control System (2005) - A four page technical paper describing the use of DTI's technology in the development of a solid-state opening switch. The switch is part of a complete klystron power supply system delivered to the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Lab. This paper was presented at the Particle Accelerator Conference. (196kb)

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